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Who am I and what am I to you ( with apologies to Bill Withers)

I am Joan Lipschutz, I love to write and have been doing so all my life. and I don’t mean just since the teacher gave me that green big lined sheet of paper to write my A’s on, I have been writing since the womb. You can ask my little brother if I didn’t leave some interesting notes on fetal development in there for him.  Any way there are two reasons I want to blog.

1) I am a cranial sacral professional . Now lots of folks don’t really know what that is what i want to help explian , It is hard to explain, it is better to experience and that is why I will provide a 15 intro at not charge for the new client. It is relaxing and surprising

2) I am funny and have noted things about the world that others find strange or pecular but I enjoy the perspective and have been endlessly searching for those who can see things through my eyes and not call the police or pharmacist.

I have been down there.  You know in that place of incomprehensible desperation and despair. I been lifted up by my own hard work and the support of spirit as manifest in the  many forms including but not limited to the recovering community, synchronicity, the loving patience of friends and teachers. I am grateful,  I am a recovering addict and a beautiful woman and damn it I have a lot to say. I survived , Damn it I am thriving and all the  twists and turns /ups and downs of my life  have made my observations  weird and ( i think ) funny. .Also  scary other times.   When  they are the  weird and funny type I want to share. I didn’t live through everything to shut up and be quiet. I am loud and I like it.

More to come. Yes indeed.